Home Field advantage


Is home field advantage really a key fact for sportsbook?

 And the answer is, yes, absolutely,in most sportsbooks the home field advantage is a fact to consider when a sports team its home or visitor due to the significant psychological advantage over the results of playing at home. Many researchers have analyzed the different variables related to this worldwide phenomenon that involves all sports all over the world and affects sportsbooks odds, lines and more.

The line between win and loss on sportsbook are very thin and have a great impact and effect on sportsbook, reflected on the daily wagers and lines available, the critical factor of home advantage affects wagering in many ways due to the big physiological home field advantage.

There are many emotional, biological factors that are related to the home field advantage and influence the performance determine by where the game its played and also affect the sportsbook lines. In many sports like baseball, basketball, hockey, football, soccer this advantage it is beneficial. For example on NFL home teams win 57% of the time, MLB 54%, NHL 56% of the time, NBA 60% and MLS 69% of the time (you can read more by visiting http://www.nfl.com/features/freakonomics/episode-7)

Crowd noise can provide the ice advantage or field familiarity that will make them feel more are comfortable winning more games at home, and this factor is essential as well for sportsbooks. In the NFL we can mention the most load places to play a game and cause the 2005 superbowl to the NY Giants and it is the Qwest field, the noise inside the stadium can go as high as 112 decibels, this can cause many difficulties to the visiting team to hear the instructions of his quarterback and this is the reason why the Giants had 11 falls start on that game in 2005 (you can learn more about this by watching this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-daAM954xf0)

Other key factors that can provide home field advantage such as, travel effects and of course official bias. Travel can produce a lot of performance and biological effects on players due to the journeys around the country, the lack of good sleep, different times zones that can cause a lower performance and create the home field advantage the home team needs.

 Also official bias, according to Toby Moskowitz and Jon Wertheim and many other researchers around the world agreed that referee’s decisions tend to favour the team playing at home most of the time, like Ryan Boyko from Harvard University said ¨The potential is there for a game to be altered because of factors that subconsciously affect the referee¨. Like for example in soccer, studies have shown that away teams score less goals and gave more penalties than when they played at home.

These factors all together are consider in sportsbook to provide the field goal advantage to the home team than the visiting team (most of the time) based on the public perception of the teams involved.

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By Andrew Smith


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