The amazing Google Glass


Google Glass its the new gadget people all over the world are waiting for to put their hands on and there is a good reason why, the amazing reviews, design, prototype, information and videos you see all over the WWW are increasing the excitement for the release of this new toy that is creating a lot of expectative for the consumers of HI – TECH equipment.

The new Google Glass has a very unique clean, beautiful and elegant design will begins to change the world forever. The technology, available at the moment for some very few lucky guys (mostly developers, employees and more) and maybe available for the general public until 2014, has many amazing features like a built-in camera, navigation system, message notification, voice commands, connected most major social networks and will put all the information available in the Google platform in front of the customers eyes.

One of the most amazing features the Glass has is the the little screen, the comfortable design and its unobtrusive features will allowed daily task more convenient for everyone. For example, you can ask for a restaurant near by and will take you to it, even if you are walking on the street, will provide you weather information life, or will provide the information related to any topic you may have on hand at the moment instantly and will give the accurate answer you are looking for just by asking what you need, when you need it and anywhere you are.

There are so many great and amazing things about this new HI – TECH product that are all over the internet that you really want to learn more and be able to have the opportunity to have one in the near future. Many reviews are saying the great thing about this new gadget, you can check videos, visit the Google Glass website and check what people that have the opportunity to have one on their hands are saying.

For the rest of us, we just need to wait for the Glass to be availble on the general market at the right price. According to sources, not official of course, the release will be on 2014, so its not to far.

By Andrew Smith


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