Sports Trophy names: Why are they called that way?

four-trophies_slideThe Trophy, what every single athlete fight for the entire season and their entire life, working so hard and the reason why they train day and night and what they live for, choosing the path of the champions and cross the line of the warriors and victory looking upon those who fought as well for the most precious and expected recognition for all they have done, for all the effort they put and for all the passion they feel about their sports and the love they give to their sports fans and sportsbook fans to make their dreams come true as well because also they do it for them self’s and for the fans, that also give their love, their passion and even their money betting on sportsbook with the only hope to see them winning and taking the trophy home but also making some extra cash out of their passion out of their trust to their favorite ones.

The trophies are the recognition of that impressive achievement and the merit they deserve to be awarded for any sporting event, originally the word trophy comes from the Greek “Tropian” that reffed to arms, standards or property even human captives and body parts capture in battle, but we are not here to talk about war, we are here to talk about the outstanding effort athletes make to accomplish their goals and hold up high what they are fighting for to hold them with pride, so lets talk about some of these trophies that are at stake and athletes are fighting for and sports fans and sportsbook fans are anxious to know which will be the next to have the honor to hold them high for them.

The Vince Lombardi Trophy.

lombardi-trophy_originalAwarded every your for the winning team of the National Football League on the Super Bowl Championship game, and its named after Vincent Thomas “Vince” Lombardi, player, coach and executive and also know as the best head coach of the Green Bay Packers on the 60’s and its considered by many sportsbook fans as the best NFL coach in the history of the NFL and because of this the National Football League named this trophy in his honor that since 1966, handcrafted exclusively by Tiffany & Co. and sketch on a cocktail napkin between the commissioner Rozelle and the vice president of Tiffany Riedner in 1966. this trophy was first awarded to Green Bay Packers the next year. The precious trophy that all NFL athletes are fighting for on the current season stands 22 inches tall, weights 7 pounds and has the shape of a football in a kicking position on a three concave sided stand made entirely of sterling silver. I’m sure all sports fans and sportsbook fans are anxious to know which teams will have the honor to told this beautiful trophy and become the best team of the season.

The Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy

Larry-OBrien-Championship-Trophy-1 Well just because the season started yesterday, October 29th, doesn’t mean that the athletes don’t have the eyes already on this trophy, and also all the sports fans and sportsbook fans as well are praying for their teams to become the owners of this precious trophy. This trophy its also awarded annually to the winner of the National Basketball Association, and has been named in honor of the former NBA commissioner Larry O’Brien who was appointed commissioner in 1975 and directed the successful ABA-NBA merge by making many negotiations and increase the game attendance significantly, this trophy change his name from Walter A. Brown to Larry O’Brien since 1984. Made of 14.5 pounds of sterling silver and vermeil with 24 karat gold overlay, stands two feet tall and looks like a basketball about to enter a net. Every sports fan and sportsbook fan its anxious to know as well, what team will have the honor to hold this amazing trophy this year.

 The Stanley Cup.

 StanleyCup05In French its called “La Coupe Stanley” and its awarded annually to the winner of the National Hockey League after the Stanley Cup Finals. Originally called as the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup, the trophy was named after Lord Stanley of Preston, was awarded by the Governor General of Canada to the top ranking ice hockey club, supported by the entire Stanley family and played by all sons and daughter promoted the sports, the first cup was given the the Montreal HC in 1893. The difference between this cup and the others is that the cup its not make brand new each year, the winner gets to keep the so precious cup until the new champion its crowned, and also has something unusual, this trophy has the names of all the winning players, coaches, managers and club staff engraved on the chalice from previous championships. The current version of this so precious trophy all sportsbook fans and sports fans are waiting to see who will become the proud owner its designed with a five – band barrel which contain 13 winning teams per band and to prevent from growing, when the bottom band is full, the oldest band its removed and preserved in the Hockey hall of fame and a new blank band its added it.

 There is a lot of history, courage, passion, sweat and blood into those trophies, and that why all athletes sports fans and sportsbook fans are so anxious to know which team will be awarded with them and take it home and I’m sure all sportsbook fans are placing their wager on the teams they love hoping they will become the ones to hold the honor for them and for their sports fans and sportsbook fans.

By Andrew Smith


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