Red Sox: The proud owners of the Commissioner’s Trophy

Blue Jays Red Sox BaseballThe first thing I like to say in this article its Congratulations to the proud owners of the Commissioner’s Trophy of the 2013 baseball season with last night victory overtaking Saint Louis Cardinals 6 – 1 in game 6 of the World Wide Series and earned to be called the Champions of the so precious and wanted Commissioner’s Trophy of this year, its third one over the last decade and the number 8th tittle on their history of the team founded in 1901 and I’m sure all fans and most of all the online sportsbook fans that wager for their team are very proud and happy to see the Boston Red Sox, their beloved team become the best of all the others teams and celebrate this amazing event that’s has brought many excitement to their fans.

fenway_580x326There is lots going on right now over online sportsbooks, and I’m sure there is a lot of customers taking out the winnings of this year baseball season, but the most important thing its the fans, the baseball fans that, just like the online sportstbook customers are still out there celebration that they not only won the 2013 championship and are the proud owners of the Commissioner’s Trophy, but also that for the first time since 1918, Boston was able to celebrate the victory at home, on their own field, on Fenway Park in front of 38 thousand souls yelling and screaming and many more outside their walls all over the country and all over the world, baseball fans and online sportsbook fans are still feeling the sensation of been part of the love and the passion of this great sport and as David Ortiz said “Winning this World Series is special” “I think it might be the most special out of all the World Series that I have been a part of”, an its because it was at home.

trophyThe Commissioner’s Trophy its presented each year by the Baseball commissioner to the major league baseball team that wins the World Series, this beautiful Trophy designs has 30 flags that represent each team in the United States of America from the National and American League and also this trophy its particularly different from other major sports in America because its not named after a particularity person and its presented to the champions with two press pins set on the base of the trophy from the two team participants, and online sportsbooks fans are always expecting to see their teams becoming the proud owners of this beautiful trophy while having fun playing some wagers on their favorite online sportsbooks.

 So ones again I want to say to the Boston Red Sox congratulations the team and very one involved did a great job and at the end they deserve to have the honor to hold high the beautiful Commissioner’s Trophy and be called the Major League Baseball Champions of 2013, and I’m sure many sports fans and online sportsbook fans are so happy right now and still celebrating that his favorite team won and that maybe, those who wager or risk something additional on their favorite online sportsbook are enjoying the extra cash they earned as well by believing in his favorite Team.

By Andrew Smith


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