Sportsbook Myths and Facts.

sportsbook-winYear after year you hear a lot of things about sportsbook and betting and wagers all over the news, the INTERNET, globs and many other social media related to this topic and most of the time you hear a lot of bad things but also you hear a lot of histories about families making their living out of sportsbook because they can not find a job or because they loose most of its possessions due to the bad economy the recession the bad situation that we all have experience over the last years and how sportsbook and many other industries are been attack and hunted down world wide just because they provide a service to the public and to the customers that enjoy sportsbook action all over the world.

 Overseas sportsbooks offered the same lines, odds, spread, totals that are actually provided by Las Vegas and are regulated under the terms and conditions of the gambling commissioners and most of the sportsbooks have the same rate or juice from Las Vegas sportsbook rates and it an standard 10% for the wagers taken on the establishment that its set up overseas to provide the service the wagers and much more many persons in the US or world wide can set up an account and enjoy their action without any problem.

 Also you hear a lot about the major sport league arguing and saying things against gambling but most of them are the traditional ones that are opposed to the proposals, but some organization overseas like in UK or Europe actually share information and work together within the law with regulated sportsbook, partnerships and law agencies to fight against march fixing and are speaking in favor of regulated sports events as well as having partnerships with teams to promote the fair play and other activities that are a major source of financing their leagues anywhere in the world to extend the fans supports for athletes and teams to build strong attachments to their favorite sports, and if you ask me this is a great marketing advantage for the teams and their leagues to generate loyalty with their beloved fans.

 Also if you check out the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA and much more places you will have some sore of betting sources, in this case without any money risk like in sportsbooks, but they have the “Fantasy” programs that promotes team, individual player performance and the opportunity for the customers to guess the outcome of every single major sport event on every single league on their own website and the only difference is, they are not risking any money on but its pretty much the same as gambling or sportbook betting.

 If you also read some articles you know that even great stars, Hall of Famers, artist, singers celebrities and many other public figures love to wager for example Kobe Bryant, Michael Jackson, coaches from professionals sports, college students, house wife’s, referees, Boxers like Myke Tyson and 50 Cent, Ashton Kutcher, even you and me have take some sportsbook action every now and then and if you haven’t at least you know someone that does. There is nothing wrong about it, only if you take it way to far for the limits, but like in life, if you make good or bad choices and you go over the limit there is always going to be consequences, but if you do it for fun or to pay your bills and feed your family, go ahead and have fun, because you deserve it.

By Andrew Smith


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