Human Nature: Taken risk for personal gain.

Are you an investor? Have you ever invest in something? Have you ever risk something for personal gain? Have you ever bet, any type of not just sportsbook betting? Do you know someone that has?


 Humans, as far as they go, have always taken risk for personal gain, and it doesn’t seem to stop, and I don’t think will ever stop, because after all, we humans love to get more, have more, want more, make more money, and don’t be a hypocrite by saying “NO I DON’T”, cause lets be honest, you want cars, clothes, houses, money, travel, jewels and have fun while you are doing it right and if you invest in something its because you are thinking of having all this and much more, don’t you. Its the same thing when people look for and sportsbook, look to invest some money, risk some money, for what, for personal gain, for more money.

 I’m not saying this only for sportsbook, this is just an example, but how about adrenaline, people do a lot of crazy things for personal gain, to risk their life’s to feel alive, and its not bad unless you die, but its a risk you take, you are not going to tell me that all those brands and industries are there for charity, and I would love to say some words about that but its an article, so lets keep it professional, but still I want to make my point here, an its that even if you risk your money on an sportsbook or your life by throwing your self out of a plane, its your risk for personal gain, for something you want to do, so be and let them be.

 Industries, developers, food chains are not far from what you think about sportsbook, you pay for a service and that’s it, you pay and pay and pay but what you get back, feel good when you pay thousands of dollars just for a par of shoes, but at least if you put that money on an sportsbook and if you are good at it you can make thousands more, did MacClown have give you something in return, besides a couple of pounds extra on you stomach and health problems, so lets be honest, you are not going to get nothing from them, unless you invest, of course, but its the same with sportsbook you are investing for personal gain, to have a nice life, and yes there is people who lost everything, but that same thing happened every day all over the world, investing money in other industries, in houses that at the end they couldn’t afford or just because someone in Wall Street did a bad calculation.

 So if you are going to risk your life jumping out of a plane, do it, if you want a McClown burger, get it, if you are going to invest, do it, or if you are going to take some action on an sportsbook, take it, not all the time you have the chance to go to Las Vegas to place your wager on tonight’s games, right, for your human right of personal gain, and like they say “NO PAIN NO GAIN”.

By Andrew Smith


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