Exotic Wagers

Sports-Betting-Parlays-1The online sportsbook industry has been always committed to make the customer experience easy and enjoyable to all gamblers with unique and different ways to have a good time while they watch their favorite sports allowing them to have all the action they need with the best options and bets, the online sportsbook have available for their customers.

Exotic wagers are bets aside from a straight or parlays that are the most common bets on the industry, this special bets have different features and are more fun to play, different and exciting that brings another kind of rush to all of those online sportsbook customers that love this type of wagers and can provide you an advantage when you want to play different sports events, so it is important that you know about them and know the different rules that apply to this online sportsbook wagers.

 If Bets

Sportsbook-If-BetsAn “If Bet” are two straight bets with the conditioned “If”, this conditioning will give you action pending on the outcome of the 1st Straight Wager, this special wager must be placed at the same time or in cases if you have already action on an straight bet you can also wager while the wager is in progress and you can choose this bet with the following most common conditions:

  • If win only: this means that the 1st wager must win in order for you to have action on the 2nd one.
  • If wins, ties or cancel: this if bet will give you action on the 2nd bet if the first straight bet wins, ties or cancels.



This bets are only offered in football and basketball betting, and are similar to parlays because, as well as parlays, all selected picks must win in order for you to win the online sportsbook wager, one loss on any pick will make you lose the entire wager, but this is the only similarity with parlays, because the major difference its that the Teasers will allowed you to move the point spread or totals in any direction you like on a particular game and will depend of the sport you are making the wager on, for example:

  • On Football you can move the lines 6, 6.5 or seven points
  • On Basketball you can move the lines from 4, 4.5 or 5 points
  • There are some online sportsbook that offered special, super teasers or monster teasers and you can move the lines 8, 10 or 13 points.

Also you can choose your teasers with the following conditions:

  • Ties Cancel: if you pick this one, with a tie, no matter the outcome of the other pick the teaser gets cancel.
  • Ties push: if you pick this one, if one of the picks ties the teaser gets reducer to the lower number of teams, for example if you have a 4 team teaser and one ties will automatically become a 3 team teaser.
  • Ties lose: in this one, any tie will cause the lose of the entire teaser.

Sportsbook-101-Parlays-vs.-Teasers-640x426Many online sportsbook provides this type of exotic wagers and some of them will give you different features, payouts and points you can move your lines like in the case of the teasers and its important you check first all the different features before you place your bet, so go ahead take your time to learn about this exotic wagers that will give you a lot of action and different excitement moments on you favorite sports event.

By Andrew Smith


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