Crazy Sportsbooks Bets.

insaneWe all know there is people out there that are really out of their minds and make crazy things everywhere, but you can not blame sportsbooks for some of the things they do or bet with other persons, because not only you can bet on an sportsbook, you can do that with your friends, a complete estranger, your wife or anyone you like for pretty much anything, like a couple of days ago a friend lost $20 for because the bet that the bank was opened or not, so this is just an example of what happens in real life every single day but there are people who takes the sportsbooks or other wagers seriously and make some crazy high stakes wagers that can become an Epic Fail / Win situation.

 There are some histories I’ve found but I’m sure there are plenty more weird and crazy out there.

not crazy One case its about a soccer fan that make an insane bet with his friend, and this was not an sportsbooks bet you usually know about like a parlay or a teases, the Arsenal Fan bet his house to his Manchester United supported friend and his bet was against his Toyota car and one of his 3 WIFES, yes you are reading correctly, WIFE, the guy had 3 of them, so he decided to wager one of them and the car, its that crazy or what!!!, well you cant blame all problems to sportsbooks, as you can see, people just do some real crazy !#@$%, at the end, he didn’t lost his wife and car, actually he won a house.

Caution-insane-at-play-198x300 Some other outrages bet I found over there, its about a skydiver, this crazy person bet Travis Pastrana stun when the jumps out of a plane without the parachute, but assisted by 2 friends, this crazy skydiver actually kick Pastrana a!@#@, and you may wonder how, well very simple, he toss his chute out of the plane, waited for almost a minute, and then jump to chase the parachute he threw out of the plane a minute before, isnt that good enough to kick Pastrana bottom, well, I do think so, and this was not an sportsbook bet, or there was actually no money involved, he just bet his life to prove his point and was lucky enough to tell the story after the jump, crazy is what crazy does.

crazy-people An now let me tell you about a real wacko, I mean this guy went insane and was very lucky at the end, well he didn’t wager this life but he made one of the most outstanding bets of all times, call the Canadian or Super Yankee, and consist of 26 bets, this bets its a combination of 10 doubles (2 team parlays), 10 trebles (3 team parlays), 5 four-folds (4 team parlays) and an accumulator, this crazy, insane person, set down, and pick one team after the other and wager $94.68, at the end of his sportsbook journey of the day, he won them all the lucky insane crazy !@#$!@# (use the word you want here) and won over $13 millions. I mean you have to be really insane to be this lucky.

 So if you really want to get lucky, go crazy then, have fun.


By Andrew Smith


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