Sportsbook and Alcohol don’t Mix.

tumblr_mw540hSCtc1qi0kbpo1_500Well the tittle pretty much explain what I m about to tell you, and its something we sportsbook, casino, racebook, poker and all different type of gamblers forget, and its that sportsbook and alcohol are not a good combination if you really want to see profit out of what you are doing, out of your investment and as a person actually comment in one of my articles you shall always keep your senses intact while betting and he its actually right, I’m not saying you cant enjoy a couple of drinks and have fun while you are getting some sportsbook action, or casino or any type of gambling for that matter, but if you are not aware of your full surroundings you may loose the perspective of what you are betting and may loose focus and tracking of what its really important for your sportsbook bets.

l.sku6967 Also this follower made a very accurate annotation, as he said, You need to have a clear head when you bet and not a clouded memory of the sports events as we all know, when you drink you loose all kind of inhibitions and sometimes can do things that we may regret in the future, not saying only marrying in Las Vegas, but when talking about sportsbook, bets, casino and money wise, well you can really loose your self if you are under the influence of not your full senses but on the limited ones you have when you drink, and if you really want to be an smart bettor, investor and a great gambler you need to know and you cant let the alcohol take control, other wise you are going to end up losing more than what you want.

s-GAMBLING-DRINKING-large After I read his full comment I realized he was completely right about and I remember one night I was parting with some friends and for the after party we went to the casino I set down on the blackjack table and actually lost a lot of money because I was not focus enough to be a good players that night, I wasn’t even trying to be, and as he said in this comment This combination does not fit well with sportsbook and betting”, it really does cloud all your senses and even if you are good at it, if you had more than a few on one night of sportsbook gambling you may be end up loosing.

thumb_COLOURBOX1222300 At the end of the comment he gave a great advice all smart sportsbook and gamblers should take under consideration You shall grab in information regarding the sports and players as much as you can since those will be your guiding factors.”, the information its the most important part of betting on sportsbook, will give you the advantage to make smart bets and as he said, will be your guiding factors for success.

By Andrew Smith


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