NFL Divisional Playoffs Weekend 2014 – Highlights

nflplayoffsThis weekend, Saturday January 11th and Sunday January 12th we, all sports fans, witness the divisional NFL playoffs with the best eight teams from the National and American football league that battle for a spot, first for Conference Championship, to become the best of their respective conference, so at the end, they will have a opportunity to chase this year Super Bowl Championship and become the best NFL team and have the honor to hold the trophy of this season.

Saints-vs-Seahawks-Dec-2-2013 The first game of the NFL divisional playoffs was between the Seattle Seahawks and the New Orleans Saints at Seattle on Saturday, according to the online sportsbook source Jazzsports, the Seahawks where favorite on the point spread by -8, Over/Under 45.5. On the first three Quarter, Drew Brees didn’t do much for the team, with only 34 pasing yards on the first quarter, was not very effective during the hole game but at the end where he only manage to send one pass to Colston (9 yards) to score the only TD by Brees. On the other hand Seahawks took the advantage and score on pretty much every quarter except for he third one and where more efficient and accurate than the Saints to move to the next stage and battle for the Conference Championship. For the online sportsbook enthusiast, was a great game to watch, there was no winner or looser on the point spread but if you took the under you will have some additional cash for the next games to come.

nfl_u_luckbrady_cr_576 The second game of the NFL playoffs 2014, was between Colts and Patriots, Indianapolis didnt have a good start and Andrew Luck, was not that lucky this time, as there was an interception on the 1st play that gave the Patriots the advantage. Patriots, according to Jazzsports, the online sportsbook source for free live lines, was favorite on the point spread by -7, OVER/UNDER 51.5. This game gave a great show to the online sportsbook fans and cover the point spread and the over for the game, and for those who took those picks will have some additional to enjoy the rest of the games as well. Brady was very accurate and effective than Luck and gave the Patriots the opportunity, for the third time to win the AFC championship game winning 43-22 over the Colts on Saturday.

niners-panthers On Sunday, the action continue, the first game of the day was between the 49ers and the Panthers. The 49ers defeat 23-10 the Panthers on a game where the defense was the best dish serve on the field. The Panthers fought against on of the most aggressive and though defensive lines of the NFL and couldn’t do much to brake it. According to Jazzsports, the free online sportsbook live lines source, the 49ers where favorite as -1 with the OVER/UNDER 41. The spread was covered and the under of the game had the winnings of this Saturdays game. The 49ers defense was the best of the game and the Panthers had nothing to do against them, not even 1.5 yards away from the end zone.

110513broncos620 The last game of the weekend, between Chargers at Broncos, set the last of the place of the Divisional Championship. Manning and the Broncos control most of the entire game and gave them the opportunity to battle for the Conference Championship and move to the next round. Accordign to the online sportsbook source, Broncos where favorite by 9.5 point spread and an OVER/UNDER 54.5, the online sportsbook fans that took the Chargers or the under had all the winnings this time.

 Now we have the best of the best in the National league and the American League, the Conference Championship will be on January 19th 2014. The first game its between Patriots visiting the home of the Broncos at 3 pm ET, and the second game will be 49ers against Seahawks at Seattle. The lines are moving in the online sportsbook industry and you better take the advantage for the next games, where we will have not only the divisional champions, but the best teams that will battle for the NFL Super Bowl 2014 on February 2nd.


By Andrew Smith


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