Sports are Pure Adrenaline and Passion.

sports1You can denied sports are filled with so many sensations and feelings and every single time you get to witness another moment in the history of sports, that is constantly been written, you get chills and you feel the rush of adrenaline going through your veins like a hot river flowing and flooding all your body.

 And you may agree with the fact that every time you do something different in your life you feel like you accomplish something amazing and excitement and you feel like you can conquer the world in a moment of passion every time you enjoy and watch the trilling moments of sports history that this and many generations have the opportunity to be part of this amazing sports wold.

 No matter the sports you follow or if you follow one, or if you practice one, or you don’t do sports at all, but I’m sure you have watch moments, people, athletes, fans and many others doing things you didn’t knew were possible in this life, with their bodies, with machines or simple letting gravity do its job that make you feel like you are there thanks to the technology that is just a window for us to see what we, humans are capable of and how amazing sports are.

sports2Every single sport in life its made of passion and adrenaline, every time your favorite sports team goes into the field you feel the rush and the passion you have for the sports and every time a person jumps out of a plane or do something extreme using boards or machines or any type of equipment to make things go to the next level of excitement to show the world is possible to do and go far beyond the expectations.

 When you go to a sports show or event of any kind, you can see the faces of their fans with joy and excitement, you can see the passion and adrenaline flowing through their entire body making them happy, making them feel like part of something big and to think that anything can be accomplished that the sky is the limit and you can dream beyond that to feel the greatest sensations in the world and experience the passion and adrenaline we all need to feel alive in this world.

 sports3Surfing, sky diving, fast cars, motor sports, drifting, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, winter sports, summer sports you name it, there is not a single one of them that will not provide you the adrenaline and passion we all have and share with the entire world, no matter the color of your skin or your sexual preferences we all are one as sports fans, as sports enthusiast that every time are looking for more and see more and feel more, because this is what drives the life to make things happened and dream beyond the normal things to be exceptional humans and amaze millions of persons, motivating them to think outside the box and become part of this amazing feeling we call sports.

By Andrew Smith


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