Sochi Epic Fails.

sochi_2014_FailAs we all are enjoying the Winter games, seen all our favorite winter sports athletes from any of the 88 countries participating on the Sochi Olympics 2014 we are also seen some really bad problems with the organization, and don’t get me wrong, the games are running smoothly and as plan, the Olympic Torch is still on and the athletes are getting their well deserve medal and flowers, but how about all the problems we are seen around the Olympics games in Sochi, Russia, and I mean it, come on, with more than US$51 billions on such a small city, I’m sure the chinese can built a new city with that amount of cash and time. And with this said let’s get to the #SochiProblems and #SochiFails thanks to many twitter and tumblr users.

The first on the list is the SnowFlake issue, right from the start, everything was looking great, the scenarios, the flying horses with the Sun and a big Train and many other amazing things but when the world was looking at the snow flakes becoming the Olympic rings, one of them didn’t exactly want it to work that specific day and time of the day and also people falling (one from the Austrian delegation) on the middle of the opening ceremony in front of millions, epic fail.



And of course every single mistake its good enough to become viral in different social media into funny memes and GIF all over the Internet World.



Screenshot - 02112014 - 02:41:35 PM

 But what I think every single person in the whole world never, ever will forget about the great Sochi Olympics 2014 on its 22nd edition in Russia, that actually won already the Gold Medal is the problems with the buildings, toilets, water and structure problems all the athletes, media and visitors have witness for the last 4 days of competitions. Don’t get me wrong, I think they are hilarious to see all of them, but I’m sure that if you pay to go all the way to Russia and have those problems after US$51 billions, is the most epic fail of all times in history of Human Olympics kind. That’s why I’m saying will never be forgotten.

Look what happened to Johnny Quinn USA Bobsledder, first the got to break a door that actually looks like its made of paper board, not even wood or anything like it, and then two days later got stock on an elevator.

Screenshot - 02112014 - 02:24:11 PMScreenshot - 02112014 - 02:25:07 PM

And lets mention Sochi water, bathroom signs and toilets with a waiting room or with twin accommodations.

Screenshot - 02112014 - 02:26:21 PM

And don’t forget the unfinished Hotels and much more.

Screenshot - 02112014 - 02:27:57 PMScreenshot - 02112014 - 02:28:48 PM

Screenshot - 02112014 - 02:29:56 PM Screenshot - 02112014 - 02:29:42 PM

Have a nice shower at Sochi.

Screenshot - 02112014 - 02:30:54 PM

Security at Sochi

Screenshot - 02112014 - 02:31:47 PM Screenshot - 02112014 - 02:32:05 PM

LOL… Enjoy the Olympics

By Andrew Smith


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