Racebook wagers guide.

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The Racebook brings lots of action to the fanatics and lovers of this sport and if you ever visit one of the many tracks you know is a tradition to place some wagers on the favorite horse to feel part of environment you are in and to have the special bond between the fans and the sport, but if you are a fan and if you like to place your action on this sports but you can’t be on the track every single day enjoying the Racebook action, well you know you have the option to place your wagers on an sportsbook and will provide you the action you are looking anywhere in the world with only an Internet connection on every single technological device you have so you wont miss a peace of the action you enjoy.

If you are new at Racebook and would like to place some action on a good sportsbook, like looselines.ag, its important you get all the information you can and know how the most common sportsbook bets odds and wagers work before you actually get to the betting part and if you already know then, I hope you enjoy all the action you are looking for, so lets take a look at some of the sportsbook wagers types.



This sportsbook wager means that your horse must finish on the first position of the track for you to collect your winnings.


For you to collect your winnings your pick horse must finish on second place.


Your horse must finish third for you to be able to collect your money. There are variations to the different bets on every single sportsbook, but one of the most common bets is to choose your horse to win/place/show (or also called across de the board), so if your horse finish in any of those places you will win some cash depending on the stakes of the race.


You play with two horses, one to come first and another one to come in second place in the exact order. There is a variation if you request and Exacta Box, when you use the box you choose either horse to come in first or second in either order.


You choose three horses to come in first, second and third in the exact order. You can also request on your sportsbook for the Trifecta Key or Box. If you use the Key, the horse you choose in first place must win but the other two can take the second and third position in any order. If you use the Box, is the same as the previous bet type, they can come in any order for first, second or third position.


You choose four horses to come from the first to the fourth position in exact order, and as the previous bet, the trifecta you can request to your sportsbook to use the “Superfecta Key” or the “Superfecta Box”.


The difference between the Key and the Box is that on the Key you are choosing the horse you want to come in first position and that horse must win in that exact order. But with the Box, you are choosing the horses and they can either win in any position you are choosing with out any specific order.

There is always lots of action in the horse track and if you are not able to visit one you can on the daily basis, you can choose an sportsbook that will provide you with the edge and the action you are looking for, as usual I will make you a suggestion, in this case you can choose looselines.ag where you will find a great variety of options for you to choose your favorite sportsbook wager type on all the major Racebook events in the world.

By Andrew Smith



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