NBA 2014 Playoffs, so far.


The National Basketball League is on fire with the best teams from all conferences fighting each other for the Championship 2014 and with so much action going the games are giving to the fans so is important to know the highlights of the teams for you to be on top of your game.

Indiana Pacers seed #1 tied the series on the game 2 after losing the 1st game with the Atlanta Hawks, the second game was one of the games with more emotions and intensity for all the sports fans and also for the online sportsbook enthusiast, Paul George was the player of the game 2 with 27 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assistance and four steals for Pacers to win 101 – 85 over Atlanta. Pacers dominated the whole game but on the second half outscored Atlanta 31-13 shooting 75 percent (12 of 16). For more stats and standings you can trust Looselines to provide the best sports and online sportsbook information.

Washington Wizards seed #5 are taking the lead after the second game against the Chicago Bulls seed #4, Wizards are winning the series 2-0, Wizards back-court Beal and Wall have been giving a hard time to the Bulls and rush the game to overtime to take the lead in the Eastern Conference quarterfinal. The next game will be on Friday at Washington, lines are moving fast and you need to get the best advantage if you are an online sportsbook enthusiast check Looselines.

Toronto Raptors #3 and Brooklyn Nets are tied on the second game of the series, DeMar DeRozan help Toronto with 30 points to draw the series on the second game 100 – 95 in the Eastern Conference quarterfinal with the Nets at Air Canada Center, this was the 1st time since 2008 Raptors win a playoffs game over Nets. Next game will be on Friday April 25th at 7 pm televised by ESPN2 at Brooklyn, don’t forget to check the most competitive online sportsbook lines at Looselines.


Tonight, Wednesday April 23rd continues all the NBA Playoffs action with 3 more games, Miami Heat is going to try to take the lead by winning the second game of the series to the Charlotte Bobcats at 7 pm at the American Airlines Arena, the two-time defending Champs lead by LeBron Jams and Dwayne Wade duo. One hour later, Dallas Mavericks will face San Antonio Spurs on a long time rivals fight at AT&T Center, Spurs will try to put everything they have to gain the advantage and win the second game of the series. Also you don’t want to miss the game between Portland Blazer and Houston Rockets at 9.30 mp, Rockets will try to even the series and win tonight playoffs game at Toyota Center.

The playoffs action is just warming up and the teams will give their best to move to the next stage of the playoffs to have the opportunity to win the National Championship, don’t forget to check the lines and all information you can get to enjoy all the online sportsbook action you are looking for, Looselines will provide the best options for you to have all the fun you want.

By Andrew Smith


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