Real Madrid Vs Bayern Munich… is this going to be the Champions Final 2014.


The world its turning his eyes to one of the best sports shows in the planet, the UEFA Champions League is at semifinals and today is the time for the ruling Champions Bayern Munich visiting the house of one of the best soccer squads in the world, the Santiago Bernabeu, home of Real Madrid is going to the perfect stage to witness what may are calling the preview of the Champions League Final 2014 that this year will he host at the Estadio da Luz venue in Lisbon, Portugal.

Yesterday the other two finalist Atletico de Madrid and Chelsea tie the first game of the semifinals and today, Wednesday April 23rd 2014 we will have the second game of the semifinals between the two teams most likely to win the Champions, according to different sources around the web this two teams are favorite to win this year one of the best soccer competitions this year, you may want to check your favorite sportsbook source, or if you really want to take the advantage of great lines you need to visit Jazzsports.


Bayern Munich, the current UEFA Champion will travel all the way to face Real Madrid on their own ground who recently won La Copa del Rey over Barcelona, one of the best teams on the UEFA and La Liga League. Still Real Madrid is going to face the best team from the Bundesliga and the ruling champs of UEFA League the Bayern Munich and today all sports fans and sportsbook fans will enjoy this great sport show from the best two soccer teams of the world.

The best and most competitive sports tournament in the world is going to have lots of action today when one of the best players squads will face each other on the field including one of the greatest players of the world Cristiano Ronaldo leading the attack with Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema over the Bayern Munich, this Trio will put a lot of pressure to the squad how will have to reinforce their defensive lines to be able to take advantage of the attack of Bayern forwards Frank Ribery and Arjen Robben an ex-madrid player that know exactly how the Merengues word their magic, in the opposite side Fabio Coentrao and Dani Carvajal will have to put the best of ther abilities to stop the Real Madrid attack, all this pressure is increasing their sportsbook advantage that is been given already for the Merengues.


Today we are going to be witness of another exciting Champions League Game from this two great soccer teams on the most competitive tournament of the world and all the soccer sports fans can’t wait for it to start. If you are also a sportsbook enthusiast and want to take great lines and odds, you need to visit Jazzsports to enjoy all the action from the best sports events in the world.

By Andrew Smith


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