Sportsbook Teaser Calculator – How it works?


There are so many different types or sportsbook bets in the industry that sometimes you don’t know the difference between one or another, or you simply don’t know how it works or forgot about the rules of bets like sportsbook teasers, this article will focus on the basics rules and terms about this bet and how you can use the parlay calculator in your favor.

We are going to get the information about this type of bet from I place I trust (including a couple), Looselines Sportsbook, the sportsbook defines Teasers as “A combination of two or more football/basketball spreads/totals where you get a better line on each pick in exchange for a lower payout. There is an incredible number of variations in how teasers are offered (we’ll discuss why later) but generally you can tease your football lines 6, 6.5, or 7-points and your basketball lines 4, 4.5, or 5-points.”, this is one very accurate definition of sportsbook teasers, of course you can get other special teasers that can provide you with additional points on each pick you take in the sportsbook teaser. Also this bet is only when you are taking action (or betting) in basketball and football only.

Looselines Sportsbook also adds “Teasers allow you to have an advantageous point spread while selecting 2 to 8 teams (or more depending on the sportsbook). You may tease a side or a total of a football game and also cross sports by teasing football games with basketball games.”

There is one important rule you need to take consideration about this bet (standard in other sportsbooks) “Any selection that loses makes the whole Teaser a loss.”

I like to illustrate everything with examples, but Looselines Sportsbook has a better one you will find very accurate

“For example if you like the Eagles -8 and the Chargers +2 but aren’t sure the Eagles will win by a touchdown or the Chargers will keep it close you could tease both these picks. If you teased 7-points you would have a 2-team teaser with Eagles -1 and the Chargers +9. I think you can clearly see that making Philadelphia only have to win by 2 to cover (instead of 9) makes this bet easier to win. Also, the Chargers can now lose by 7 and still cover. The trade-off is the payout is only 10/13 (this varies from book-to-book but will serve for our examples today) instead of 13/5 as a parlay would be. If you risked $65, the teaser pays $50 but the same two picks in a parlay would pay $169. You must decide if the greatly improved chance of winning is worth a 2/3 reduction in payout.”

Of course there is much to learn about the teasers and as you can see this bet can actually provide an advantage to the players, so I want to invite you read all about it and visit the Teaser Calculator at Looselines Sportsbook and you will find out more information about this great sportsbook tool and as I always say… Enjoy the Action!

By Andrew Smith


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