It’s Money the Real Influence in Sports. If not; What is?


We all know money is the one that moves all sports all over the world, that is not actually a secret that all sports organizations around the world have more interest, sometimes, most of the time, in money than in something else, but behind all that I think there is much more, because the ones that have more influence in sports, are the fans.

If you really think about it, sports fans are the ones that fill the stadiums and purchase all the marketing material from their favorite sports team or athlete, they are the ones buying all the brands that famous athletes wear and pay to see them in their venues and for me without sports fans, there would not be money to pay for outrageous salary caps or for multimillionaire stadiums or world-wide events like the Soccer World Cup in Brazil this year.

Do I think money influence modern sports? Do you think that?

Yes… definitely YES, there is no doubt about that, money is the one thing that moves pretty much everything around us anyway.

There are many examples about sports or matches being influenced by money, the most recent I recall is the opening match of the World Cup in Brazil 2014 against Croatia, according to the news around that match up, the referees received deposits from the Brazilian Soccer Association to ensure the victory of the host team on the opening game.

But all this money they received is also used to promote a better and healthy way of life among the new generations, investing in universities programs and scholarships around the world, to bring families and cultures together promoting that no matter your color, your age or you gender you can accomplish great things if you want, with hard work and dedication you can be the next LeBron James for the NBA, or Tom Brady for the NFL, Tiger Woods for golf, Serena Williams for tennis or Babe Ruth for Baseball and many more great sports players around the world.

Sports will always be part of the controversy as well as the amount of money they made, or the amount of money they invest or the amount of money they give back, but for sure, sports will always be a part of humankind that is worth spending and promote for the future generations.

Even if you are a sport athlete or a simple sports fan, we will always enjoy the feeling that gives to all of us, no matter the sport you follow, or the one sport you love, or if you like more than one, like many of us, is not the amount of money you spend that makes you happy, is all the joy that comes from your favorite sports action that is worth it.

At the end money will always be part of any sport, but what makes it greater is, on one hand the athletes and on the other one, the ones we love sports.

By Andrew Smith


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