When Sports become a battle field.


If you think that only boxers can throw good punches, you really need to see what happens when the whole squat gets into a fight in the field. You know how competitive the sports are on the field and when things get hot on the court there is nothing stopping those guys to get some peace of extra action and put a good fight no matter if you are an sports fan, a referee, owner of coach, ones it gets to boiling point, there is only one way to settle things, the old fashion way. Check out the best videos of sports fights I found around for you to enjoy the a good sports battle on the field.

Let’s check some good NBA fights.

Jermaine O’Neal knocking the fan out.

Most recent ones, let’s check some NBA 2014 fights on the court.

And when things go wrong, there’s nothing like having a big team to back you up, lets check some NFL fight’s.

Or the best NFL fights in History.

You can call it unsportsmanlike behavior but sometimes is all about the passion for the game. Let’s watch some more NFL moments.

No matter the sports when things get hot on the battle field, let see some Soccer fights.

Sometimes things gets durty when talking about sports, but controversy will always be part of it.

Hockey always have a fair share of fights and baseball, so lets take a look at some good fights compilation including Nascar, NBA and Football.

Even in the world of the sports ruled by the ladies things can go seriesly wrong at times. Let’s take a look at this compilation.

I know that when things gets out of hands its not something to be proud about sports, but when things like this happened gets you even more excited about the sports passion and the battle on the field.

By Andrew Smith


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