What Happened on Sunday? NFL Conference Championship Games 2015.


Wow… is the expression to use here about the great games we had on Sunday when the best 2 Teams from the NFC Conference Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks, and from the AFC Conference Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots battle for the Conference tittle and the opportunity to move into the most expected event of the year, the Super Bowl XLIX. Historical records were broken, other were made, great comebacks and others got completely smashed on the great NFL action on Sunday, lets take a look at what happened on Sunday.

NFC Conference Championship Game

Green Bay Packers 22 – Seattle Seahawks 28

No one believed, not even the most fanatic fans of Seattle Seahawks (well maybe some) that the teams was going to be able to overcome the improbable and take the victory of the hands of a much better team performance of Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, during most of the game, but at the end, Green Bay’s change to a more conservative strategy including a series of mistakes that at the end cost them the game , not only the Conference Championship but the only golden ticket for the Super Bowl 2015.

This situation gave the Seattle Seahawks the opportunity to show them, their fans and the world, why they are the defending Super Bowl Championship of last year, and with only a touchdown from Russell Wilson to Jermaine Kearse of 35 yards into the 3:19 into the overtime, seal the miracle the team and the fans need it to give the NFC Championship to the Seattle Seahawks. Seahawks became the 1st defending champs to make the Super Bowl for the second time in 10 years as well as New England, and overcome one of the biggest points deficits in the history of the NFL. Congratulations to Russell and all the Seattle Seahawks guys. Now they face New England Patriots for the Super Bowl 49 on February 1st om Glendale, Arizona, a game you don’t want to miss.

AFC Conference Championship Game

Indianapolis Colts 7 – New England Patriots 45.

what is there to say about this game, well the score pretty much summons what happened, but Brady, Belichick and the whole New England Patriots crew did it again this year, breaking records and scores heading to another Super Bowl and making history on the way, Belichick has more post season wins than any other coach in the NFL History, and Brady, if not one of the greatest QB, getting around there by the end of his career, making history by becoming the quarterback with more Super Bowl appearances, number 6 to be exact.

New England Patriots squad, show to the world and the fans they still are one of the greatest teams in history of the NFL, but that is not enough if you don’t win the rings and the Super Bowl against Seattle Seahawks on February 1st.

Patriots overwhelmed completely Indianapolis Colts with an impressive difference of 38 points, the biggest in history as well own now by the New England Patriots squad, who dominated for completely the efforts and hopes of Indianapolis Colts to move on to this year’s Super Bowl. Colts made it this far with one of the best defense in the league and show that they are a great team, but wasn’t enough to get to the next stage, the Super Bowl 2015.

Now, the only thing left is wait for two weeks, sadly, for one of the greatest sports season to come to an end, but just so a short period of time, and on the mean time, lets enjoy what’s left of it, the most expected match of the year, the Super Bowl 49 between Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots, be best of both Conference’s.

By Andrew Smith


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