Thinking and Betting Like a Pro.


The number of people betting on sports increases each year. Most of them dream on winning and becoming rich and famous in one day. Sure with a stroke of luck you may win sometimes, but keep in mind that this doesn’t happened regularly, in fact, you may end up losing a lot more than you think. That is why, if you want to make money out of betting and do it as a professional, you may find this information useful.

According to Steve Ward, 2011, the first thing you need to take under consideration when you´re betting is:

Always gamble responsibly:

  • only gamble with money set aside for the purpose, and which you can afford to lose

  • do it just for fun or for the challenge, rather than to gain money that you need

  • do not chase after losses

  • never borrow money to gamble.”

If you want to be part of the very small percentage of people who actually make profits with your bets by attempting to become the new generation of sports betting professionals in the long-term, gambling responsibly should be your priority number one, according to Ward.

Besides, Steve Ward claims that

Many people who bet are unable to generate a desirable (profitable) return on

a consistent basis. In some cases this is in spite of considerable in-depth

knowledge and skills. Regardless of how sound their strategies appear (and

might actually be), they seem to fall short of their goals when betting.”

That´s why in his book Sports Betting to Win, he explains ¨10 keys to disciplined and profitable betting¨, among them, two of the most important keys:

  • Having a betting strategy with an edge, a positive expectancy – one that makes profits when executed consistently over time.

  • The ability to be able to consistently execute the strategy – to be disciplined.”

One other fact mentioned by Ward that may give you the power and the necessary tools to increase your chance to be a successful and profitable gambler is knowledge. Talking about knowledge, here you have some mistakes identified by Ward you need to avoid:

  • betting for excitement and fun and not to make profits

  • continuing to bet to recover losses

  • overconfidence and betting too big

  • over betting – betting too frequently

  • poor understanding of probabilities

  • betting in states of anger, frustration, greed or fear

  • betting when insufficient preparation and research has been done

These advises may not guarantee success but are definitely a great guide to take under consideration the next time you are going to place bets in the future. All you need to remember is to be responsible, knowledgeable, consistent and disciplined and you will be thinking and betting like a ¨Pro¨.

By Andrew Smith


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