UEFA Champions League Final 2015 – Juventus vs Barcelona


Barcelona and Junventus reach the the UEFA Champions League Final 2015 in Berlin.

On June 6th 2015 both teams will face each other for the 1st time fighting for the most prestigious Cup on one of the most competitive soccer leagues around the world.

The venue for this amazing sports show, was announced officially by the UEFA Executive Committee meeting in London on May 23th, 2013, the first time a UEFA Champions League finals is hosted in Berlin, Germany.

The Olympiastadion was built to host the 1936 Summer Olympics and was used during the WWII as a military base by the Allies as headquarters until 1949.

Aside from all the war history, the Olympiastadion holds a strong soccer tradition; is the hoe of the Hertha BSC, use for three matches during the 1974 FIFA World Cup. Renovated for the 2006 World Cup, host 6 matches including the final between Italy and France on July 9, 2006.

Barcelona’s victory over Bayern Munich gave the team the chance to fight for their 5th tittle in the competition.

Juventus, on the other hand, secure their ticket to the UEFA Champions League finals over Real Madrid; defending Champion of the preview edition of the Cup, following the so called “Curse” of the competition were no team reach to the finals after winning the previews one.

All you need to think right now is about the exciting match between the best clubs in the world in the biggest and most important competition that brings lots of attention from the media and the soccer lovers, that every single team in the world kills just to be part of the show and write on the Cup their names as many other great teams in the history of the Cup.

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By Andrew Smith


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