Killer Knockout – Ronda did it again.

Well I must say, she did it again, this time with her rock’n body on a sexy body paint outfit, Ronda Rousey continues to amaze the sports world, with her amazing figure. Rousey is crashing the internet and taking over social media, only this time, thanks to a sexy photo shoot she did for the Sports Illustrated Magazine.
After months of secrets, and many rumors, finally Sports Illustrated’ s official twitter account and the official Editor’s Instagram account (see images below), confirmed the rumors by posting a killer photo. Ronda was about to knockout the world and her fans showing off her incredible body, on a body paint Swimsuit, in a new edition for the magazine.

Acording to TMZ’s official website, and I quote

“Ronda Rousey’s confidence is back to champion form, and TMZ has the hard evidence — Ronda sporting NOTHING but body paint on a Caribbean beach!

The ex-UFC champ is doing a photo shoot for S.I.’s upcoming Swimsuit Issue on Petite Martinique island, off the coast of Grenada. We checked, and what looks like a swimsuit … is just paint. Read more:”

Tmz official website, released a set of photos that, I quote again “As you can imagine, Ronda’s shoot on a public beach drew plenty of attention … hence these pics”.

The photo set, from TMZ’s website has given the world and the fans a reason to crash the internet. Ronda is making her first official appearance in a thin layer of paint for all her fans, after the biggest upset in MMA history at the UFC fight 193 in Melbourne, when Holly Holm took away the BatamWeight Championship from Ronda with a killer kick to the head, last November Australia.

The charismatic, beautiful, sexy and inspirational woman ( Ninja killer / MMA Fighter) is giving us, this great gift for us to enjoy as a New Years’ present.

It is good to have her back, and believe it or not, she continues to be, by far, THE Champion. We will see what comes next from this incredible woman and fearless athlete, and still the question remains, Will Ronda get back on the Octagon for a rematch? Well, the time will tell about that, on the meantime, let’s enjoy our New Year’s gift.
Watch the following video “Ronda Rousey Beaks Silence after Knockout Loss to Holly Holm”

By Andrew Smith

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